About Me




From the moment I could handle a pencil, I did nothing else but draw. It was, therefore, only logical that I eventually went to study 'Graphic design, Concept art & illustration' at the DEVA.

After graduating in 1994, I quickly started working as a freelance illustrator. In the late nineties I've also worked as a Bodypainter at various large events and nightclubs. Over the years, I have also made various wall paintings for business and private clients.


In 2012 I completed the training for Creative Therapy as a supplement to the previously completed Life Coach training programs and now I also use my creative talents to help other people in their personal growth and development.


Over the years I have developed my own unique style, that you could call  'Pagan art' or Fantasy art. My own work is strongly influenced by symbols and references to old legends and stories. For that reason my work is very popular and often used for book illustrations. Although I prefer to work on paper or on canvas, using various materials and techniques,  I have a wide field of experience, so I can also manages various other and more commercial styles. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

Name:   Amber P. Brejaart

Birth:    28 - 02- 1973

Nationality:   The Netherlands, Europe


​​I work by a standard calculation (creation + license) and deliver your work digitally. Creation depends on how complicated you want to have the work done. In general I vary prices in grades of 'simple', 'average' or 'complicated' work. Deciding on what is what will be done in agreement with the customer.

As an example:  for work that is not (yet) published, I will charge only for the time and material needed. A customer can decide if they want semi-finished or sketched examples. These will be charged as 2/3 or 1/3 of the price of the final product.

I work by an hourly rate of € 45, excl. VAT and materials. For specific material requirements, I may charge additional costs.


A tattoo-design can vary between € 25 - € 150, including VAT. The design is specifically designed for the customer and will not be published in any other way (unless otherwise agreed upon)

The final design will be delivered to the customer to be handed over to the tattoo-artist of your choice. How and if the design can be applied as a tattoo will be up to the skill of the tattoo-artist, so please do discuss this with him/her beforehand. Cooperation between the tattoo-artist and myself is also an option.

A piece of advice: always ask for previous examples of the artist's work to determine if his/her style and quality corresponds with your own desires. Differences of opinion are very hard to rectify after the needle hits the skin.

For more information or to place an order, please contact me.


For the past three years I have collected my recent artwork on instagram for you to see...


I mainly work in the traditional way; simply with ink, pen, paint on various types of paper


I work in Photoshop for fine-tuning, digitizing and designing artwork for print.


Besides drawing and painting I also work with various other materials to make art objects. I like to mix materials and techniques.